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Indians Athletics

Powhatan High School


Indians Athletics

Powhatan High School

Indians Athletics

Powhatan High School

Team News.

Team News

2 months ago @ 10:18AM by Chris Parks

Papa John's Fund Raiser $5 = $60 in free and BOGO pizza.
Papa John's Fund Raiser $5 = $60

Lady Indians are Proud to be sponsored by our Local Papa John's and are selling $5 cards worth $60 in free and BOGO pizza. We need your support and ask that you contact the Varsity or JV coach to purchase a Papa John's Card or Two. 

Team News

2 months ago @ 8:34PM by Chris Parks

2018 Season Tryouts

Lady Indians!

 Tryouts will begin on Wednesday 2/21 starting at 3:00PM. These tryouts will continue at the same time daily ending on Friday 2/23 at 5PM.  Please come ready with athletic shoes and your cleats. The daily schedule will include

  • Conditioning
  • Ball Control
  • Team Work
  • Attitude
  • Coachability

​We encourage all players to make it. No special accommodations will be made for absent or tardy players. All players are encouraged to prove themselves and stand out in the time they have available. 

Those wishing to tryout must have a physical form turned in on or before the 2/21 to participate. 

Team News

2 months ago @ 10:30PM by Chris Parks

Lady Indians Speed & Agility Coaching

In the very near future we will be running some conditioning with a professional Speed & Agility Coach. Andrew Lee, owner of Push4Success is donating his time to help the lady Indians be successful in the 2018 Soccer Season. 

TO PARTICIPATE in these training sessions every player will need to have a signed waiver.  These waivers can be accessed by visiting and selecting the SIGN UP button. These sessions are complimentary of Push4Success and do not require payment. When you get to the point in the registration where it asks for a credit card, please STOP and wait for a push notification.  In this notification you will receive the Waiver to be signed.   A parent or guardian will have to sign. Once signed please print a copy and have the player return to the coach. Push4Success will be helping us in the pre-season as well as the regular season. To participate in these on going sessions you must fill out and sign a waiver. 

Andrew has worked with professional and semi-professional teams to help in areas of strength, conditioning, speed and agility. He currently works in conjunction with OwnTouch, performs group classes and private classes. 


Team News

3 months ago @ 11:49AM by Chris Parks

2018 Upcoming Season Tryouts

The 2018 season is right around the corner!   Don't forget to Start Conditioning.  Are you fully Ready? Are you  fully conditioned on day one of tryouts?  Conditioning starting soon.  

Team News

7 months ago @ 12:00PM by Chris Parks

Off Season Training


While the spring season is still a way off, it is a good thing to be ready.  This season we will be expecting all candidates to arrive in good physical shape so we can immediately prepare for the tough schedule. Here is a plan to follow to stay in shape while you prepare for the upcoming season.  Feel free to download the link:  Click Here. 

Happy beginning to the school season! 

Eat Pizza in moderation - the photo was so you would read the whole note. :)
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